With Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, you are less likely to get good rankings by using search engine trickery or highly optimized methodologies. Google has changed it’s algorithms to focus on social engagement, and as always, good unique content is always preferred. Panda launched in February or 2011 and is used to enforce “best practices” when optimizing your site for searchability. Penguin launched last April, and it’s aim was to penalize websites using black hat search engine optimization techniques. This update also emphasizes the importance of quality content. A company or brand can’t rely on having just a well-optimized site anymore to rank highly on Google. Marketers should focus more on how the website appeals to people, and their experiences on the site. Smart brands are now beginning to realize they need to leverage social media outlets to engage users in dynamic conversations, and use these outlets to gain a social presence on the web.

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