Simply, a 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one web address, or URL to the other. Basically, if your previous website was “www.MyCoolSite.com” and you wanted to change it to “www.AMuchCoolerSite.com”, or you want to change some page names, you would implement a 301 redirect from the old address to the new one. Now whoever types in your old URL, or clicked on a link from an indexed page through a search, ¬†they would be re-directed to the new URL.

Here’s something that may surprise you. Did you know that “www.MyCoolsite.com” and “MyCoolsite.com” are NOT the same address. One contains the “www” and one does not. These are considered 2 different URL’s and you won’t get credit for all the SEO you’ve been doing for both. Also inbound links pointing to “www.MyCoolsite.com” may not give you the same weight if some are also pointing to “MyCoolsite.com” and vice versa. With the 301 redirect applied correctly, your address will always go to “MyCoolsite.com” no matter if the user types in the “www’s” or not.

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