Google, of course, is the web-search alpha dog. But all the others, including Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, and Lycos are seeking out the same stuff.

What gets their attention? Good, fresh, focused content. Adding a blog, like this one, is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to bulk up on content. If you sell photography equipment, for example, start a blog that explores all aspects of photography, product reviews, product tutorials, lighting, support systems, expert advice and so on. Over time, your site will accrue searchable weight.

The trick is to be conscious of your keywords. For example, if you want web surfers to stumble on your site to find info about Apple’s photo enhancing software “Aperture 3″, you must organically work the exact phrase Aperture 3 into each blog post (maybe multiple times), and use it on all static pages related to Aperture 3. Repeat with every term and phrase you want to rank for.

Before you start writing content, though, research and plan your keyword attack. Is geography important to finding your customers? Then maybe “Connecticut Photography Equipment” is the phrase you want to home in on.

(Excerpts taken from an article by Erin Weinger, Entrepreneur Magazine)

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